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Premiere Package Receiving Services

With our Premiere Package Receiving Services you can use our

U.S. SHIPPING ADDRESS like your own. A few perks of our

premiere service includes:

  • Optional climate controlled storage at no additional cost

  • Authorized Amazon Returns Center

  • Competitive and affordable pricing

  • No up front fees, pay when you pick up

  • Registration is easy and it's free

  • The state of Montana is tax free

  • Clean & friendly atmosphere

  • Need to try on your purchase? No problem! Try on & return in one easy visit

Register now and start using our U.S. Address like your own!

Package Recieving FAQ's

For a successful pickup, please review some of our

frequently asked questions:

  • How do I ship to your store?

Begin by filling out our registration form. Then you're all set!

Simply enter our address as your own when completing your

online purchases:

Your Name

421U.S. Hwy 93 North

Eureka, MT 59917

We will send you an email when your package has arrived at

our facility. 

  • Do I need to make arrangements or give notice before shipping?

Nope! All you'll need to do is simply SHIP, TRACK, and PICK UP!

  • Do you accept FedEx, US Mail and Freight?

Yes! We accept packages from anybody who wants to drop them off, including all commercial trucking companies.

  • What types of items can I have shipped to your store?

As long as it's legal, you can ship it to us! We'll even take shipments of specialty items like cars and motorcycles!

  • What is your fee schedule?

We charge per package for receiving and storing your shipments in a secure location.  Depending on size and weight, fees range from $3 for a small package to $20 for heavy or palletized items. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions, and for pricing on specialty items!

  • Can someone other than myself pick up my package?

Absolutely! In order to ensure that your package is secure we will need to see a copy of the purchase invoice upon pick up.

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